Warning: This document is for an old version of zrepl. The main version is stable.

Send & Recv Options

Send Options

- type: push
  filesystems: ...
    encrypted: true

Source and push jobs have an optional send configuration section.

encryption option

The encryption variable controls whether the matched filesystems are sent as OpenZFS native encryption raw sends. More specifically, if encryption=true, zrepl

  • checks for any of the filesystems matched by filesystems whether the ZFS encryption property indicates that the filesystem is actually encrypted with ZFS native encryption and
  • invokes the zfs send subcommand with the -w option (raw sends) and
  • expects the receiving side to support OpenZFS native encryption (recv will fail otherwise)

Filesystems matched by filesystems that are not encrypted are not sent and will cause error log messages.

If encryption=false, zrepl expects that filesystems matching filesystems are not encrypted or have loaded encryption keys.

Recv Options

Sink and pull jobs have an optional recv configuration section. However, there are currently no variables to configure there.