You're reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at stable.


Runtime Directories & UNIX Sockets

The zrepl daemon needs to open various UNIX sockets in a runtime directory:

  • a control socket that the CLI commands use to interact with the daemon

  • the ssh+stdinserver Transport listener opens one socket per configured client, named after client_identity parameter

There is no authentication on these sockets except the UNIX permissions. The zrepl daemon will refuse to bind any of the above sockets in a directory that is world-accessible.

The following sections of the global config shows the default paths. The shell script below shows how the default runtime directory can be created.

    sockpath: /var/run/zrepl/control
      sockdir: /var/run/zrepl/stdinserver
mkdir -p /var/run/zrepl/stdinserver
chmod -R 0700 /var/run/zrepl

Durations & Intervals

Interval & duration fields in job definitions, pruning configurations, etc. must match the following regex:

var durationStringRegex *regexp.Regexp = regexp.MustCompile(`^\s*(\d+)\s*(s|m|h|d|w)\s*$`)
// s = second, m = minute, h = hour, d = day, w = week (7 days)

Super-Verbose Job Debugging

You have probably landed here because you opened an issue on GitHub and some developer told you to do this… So just read the annotated comments ;)

- name: ...
  # should be equal for all job types, but each job implements the debugging itself
    conn: # debug the io.ReadWriteCloser connection
      read_dump: /tmp/connlog_read   # dump results of Read() invocations to this file
      write_dump: /tmp/connlog_write # dump results of Write() invocations to this file
    rpc: # debug the RPC protocol implementation
      log: true # log output from rpc layer to the job log


Connection dumps will almost certainly contain your or other’s private data. Do not share it in a bug report.