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Conflict Resolution Options

- type: push
  filesystems: ...
    initial_replication: most_recent | all | fail # default: most_recent


initial_replication option

The initial_replication option determines how many snapshots zrepl replicates if the filesystem has not been replicated before. If most_recent (the default), the initial replication will only transfer the most recent snapshot, while ignoring previous snapshots. If all snapshots should be replicated, specify all. Use fail to make replication of the filesystem fail in case there is no corresponding fileystem on the receiver.

For example, suppose there are snapshosts tank@1, tank@2, tank@3 on a sender. Then most_recent will replicate just @3, but all will replicate @1, @2, and @3.

If initial replication is interrupted, and there is at least one (maybe partial) snapshot on the receiver, zrepl will always resume in incremental mode. And that is regardless of where the initial replication was interrupted.

For example, if initial_replication: all and the transfer of @1 is interrupted, zrepl would retry/resume at @1. And even if the user changes the config to initial_replication: most_recent before resuming, incremental mode will still resume at @1.