FreeBSD Jail With iocage

This tutorial shows how zrepl can be installed on FreeBSD, or FreeNAS in a jail using iocage. While this tutorial focuses on using iocage, much of the setup would be similar using a different jail manager.


From a security perspective, just keep in mind that zfs send/recv was never designed with jails in mind, an attacker could probably crash the receive-side kernel or worse induce stateful damage to the receive-side pool if they were able to get access to the jail.

The jail doesn’t provide security benefits, but only management ones.


A dataset that will be delegated to the jail needs to be created if one does not already exist. For the tutorial tank/zrepl will be used.

zfs create -o mountpoint=none tank/zrepl

The only software requirements on the host system are iocage, which can be installed from ports or packages.

pkg install py37-iocage


By default iocage will “activate” on first use which will set up some defaults such as which pool will be used. To activate iocage manually the iocage activate command can be used.

Jail Creation

There are two options for jail creation using FreeBSD.

  1. Manually set up the jail from scratch

  2. Create the jail using the zrepl plugin. On FreeNAS this is possible from the user interface using the community index.

Manual Jail

Create a jail, using the same release as the host, called zrepl that will be automatically started at boot. The jail will have tank/zrepl delegated into it.

iocage create --release "$(freebsd-version -k | cut -d '-' -f '1,2')" --name zrepl \
       boot=on nat=1 \
       jail_zfs=on \
       jail_zfs_dataset=zrepl \

Enter the jail:

iocage console zrepl

Install zrepl

pkg update && pkg upgrade
pkg install zrepl

Create the log file /var/log/zrepl.log

touch /var/log/zrepl.log && service newsyslog restart

Tell syslogd to redirect facility local0 to the zrepl.log file:

service syslogd reload

Enable the zrepl daemon to start automatically at boot:

sysrc zrepl_enable="YES"

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When using the plugin, zrepl will be installed for you in a jail using the following iocage properties.

  • nat=1

  • jail_zfs=on

  • jail_zfs_mountpoint=none

Additionally the delegated dataset should be specified upon creation, and optionally start on boot can be set. This can also be done from the FreeNAS webui.

fetch -o /tmp/zrepl.json
iocage fetch -P /tmp/zrepl.json --name zrepl jail_zfs_dataset=zrepl boot=on


Now zrepl can be configured.

Enter the jail.

iocage console zrepl

Modify the /usr/local/etc/zrepl/zrepl.yml configuration file.


Note: check out the quick-start guides for examples of a sink job.

Now zrepl can be started.

service zrepl start

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Congratulations, you have a working jail!


With FreeBSD 13’s transition to OpenZFS 2.0, please ensure that your jail’s FreeBSD version matches the one in the kernel module. If you are getting cryptic errors such as cannot receive new filesystem stream: invalid backup stream the instructions posted here might help.