Warning: This document is for an old version of zrepl. The main version is master.


Configuration File Path

zrepl searches for its main configuration file in the following locations (in that order):

  • If set, the location specified via the global --config flag
  • /etc/zrepl/zrepl.yml
  • /usr/local/etc/zrepl/zrepl.yml

The examples in the Tutorial or the config/samples/ directory should provide a good starting point.

Runtime Directories

zrepl requires runtime directories for various UNIX sockets — they are documented in the config file. Your package maintainer / init script should take care of creating them. Alternatively, for default settings, the following should to the trick.

mkdir -p /var/run/zrepl/stdinserver
chmod -R 0700 /var/run/zrepl


The config can be validated using the zrepl configcheck subcommand.